Bible Study

Studying the Bible is a process that begins with ascertaining the tools and resources necessary to ensure proper biblical interpretation. One of the tools I highly recommend is a website and app called BIBLEHUB. This resource contains virtually everything one could need to begin the lifelong education of learning about God through His word. If you don’t want to take classes in the Biblical languages then you can at least have them available to you through BIBLEHUB.

I also recommend BIBLE GATEWAY for use as an audio bible. They have a variety of translations to choose from and there is something extremely valuable about listening to the word of God as the original audiences heard these books, scrolls, and epistles.

1st Seven Bible Study Subjects

  1. Foundational truths of Christianity and how to apply them in our everyday lives (ROMANS)
  2. Truth (God the Father & God the Son)
  3. The Love of God
  4. Faith
  5. The Space of Grace
  6. Hermeneutics
  7. Exegesis v. Eisegesis